I'm a lover of Art and most things. Interiors, Fashion and Colour provide my inspiration to create anything from an original Artwork to a fashion accessory.

Fresh flowers, a piece of fabric, photography and Interiors are some of the elements of inspiration that inspire me daily to create new and exciting pieces of the CZXO brand.

I will be adding new pieces to CZxo throughout 2021 and will continue with my original Artwork series in my studio time. With 2 young boys, my time is often limited so I cherish this time alone with my creative side whenever I can. It's the one thing I can do to escape the daily grind and like many artists, explore areas of design, colour and texture that best reflects the very moment we are in.

I hope to bring you into my world of colour and creativity through my new site and be able to showcase my latest works, products and designs to you all.

Made with Love, always.

Carla Zammit xo